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Training courses

Provided by our in house ICOpro Trainers and certified

by the International Canyoning Organisation.

Course Modules

Canyoneer certification is an eight day comprehensive training course split up into four modules which include all the knowledge you might need to safely prepare and descend a canyon as a group team leader.

It also opens the door to our Professional level training courses which can be used to work around the world.

Module 1

Day 1

1a. ICTC

1b. Icopro

1c. Basics

1d. Equipment

1e. Knots lvl 1

1f. Comms

1g. Behaviour

1h. Hydrology

1l. Geology lvl 1

1j. Physiology

1k. Planning

1l. Physics

1m. Feedback

Day 2

1n. Physio

1o. Rope HL.

1p. Rope Desc.

1q. Rope Asc.

1r. Rope Con.

1s. Climbing

1t. Feedback 

Module 2

Day 3

2a. White Water

2b. Assistance

2c. Physio

2d. Free Diving

2e. Assistance 2

2f. White W. 3

2g. Feedback

Module 3

Day 4-5

3a. Physio

3b. Horizontal Prog.

3c. Jumps & Slides

3d. Anchors

3e. Equipment Rules

3f. Hand lines 1

3g. Verticals 1

3h. Guided 1

3l. Deviation

3j. Abrasion

3k. Rescue 1

3l. Feedback

Module 4

Day 6-7-8

Canyon Session


Clinic Session 2

Technical Test

Theory Test

Technical Test 2


ICOpro next step


The courses take place in Litochoro, at the base of Mt. Olympus. Flight arrivals and departures are from Thessaloniki SKG airport. Transportation to the training accommodation and venue are organised and provided for.


Certified and provided by Baseline for the duration of the training course.

Personal canyoning equipment can be brought over but must be checked by the Trainer for their efficiency in the techniques to be taught.


Courses are usually from March till November and we can give you exact details on available dates. If you cannot make any of the dates available, let us know when you available and we can check with other participants to arrange a course.

Time Frame

Upon Registration, arrival details, payment and general information will be arranged.

You will also receive your E-learning pass code with material to review that will make sure everyone is at the same level at the start of the course. 

Your Trainer might also send you additional content that he feels you might benefit from.


Your training request will immediately be sent to the Trainers who have a clear picture of the training course schedule and information.

They will contact you back to give you all the information about the course, dates, venues, payment, procedures and everything else you might need.

Even if you cannot make the dates on a planned training course, just request a Training Course and we will get back to you with options.

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