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It's my first time canyoning

A small collection of useful facts and things to know about your trip. 

From what to bring to awesome frequently asked questions.

And photos. Because without them. It never happened.



Main location is Thessaloniki where we handle the bookings, send out the pictures and maintain the equipment.

Most of our trips start from here and it takes us about an hour to get to the mountain!

Mountain base

Right below Mt. Olympus, on the east side is where we will stop, leave all our stuff and prepare ourselves for the day!


This is where you will pick your equipment, fight over the cool helmets and feed the horses.

Don't feed the dogs, they are a bit dodgy.

Pick ups

We can pick you up from



General Mt. Olympus area


If you are a bit further away, just hop on a bus, train, car and come a bit closer to those areas and we can happily pick you up!

Frequently asked questions

Gathered by everyone who has come up the mountain with us.

Are you guys certified?  |  Very much so

What should i bring?  |  Swimsuit, towel and a smile!

What if i don't want to jump?  |  Don't worry, there is always another way down

I feel a bit anxious about the day.  |  Seriously, don't be. You will have fun, lots of it

Do we get picked up at our hotel? Yup

I can't swim! No problem for Mooze

It's my first time canyoning! Awesome! We will teach you everything

I want to do crazy stuff! Don't we all?

You guys have pretty good reviews!  |  Reviews are easy, when we are in charge of ropes with you on them

Are pick ups only in Thessaloniki?  |  Thessaloniki, Litochoro and close to Mt. Olympus

What will we be doing all day?  |  Jumping, sliding, rappeling. Basically having a lot of fun

I need glasses or contacts  |  No problem. If you have a neck strap, awesome!

Is the water cold?  |  The water is never cold. It's either fresh or very fresh

Do we get equipment and pictures?  |  Yup and Yup

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