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Canyoning team

We are all ICOpro and AiC certified. Which basically means we have been freezing in the French or Italian alps for a good amount of time during training.


Our main priority is to make sure that every single person that comes up the mountain with us leaves with a memorable experience. That is why we have developed our routes in order to be able to teach you about canyoning while at the same time having as much fun as possible.

And seriously.

Thank you for all the nice words.

Baseline Thessaloniki trip quality certification
Baseline Thessaloniki Activity quality certificate

 If you are planning to join us.

Scroll down to meet us.


What to expect

Be ready to be happy at 09:00 am.

If you buy her a coffee, she will show you the extra jumps.

If you buy her a beer, she will show you how to backflip off the extra jumps.

Famous Quotes

"I am pretty sure the van fits in this space"

"Maybe i should not have put the car keys on the stove last night"

"Will you guys stop bringing me the wrong wetsuit"

A little bit about

Ines is our resident German kiwi. Lover of sunbathing, beer and perpetual happiness.

Bike guide, hiking guide, scuba diving instructor, canyoning instructor and a certified mountain ninja. Very bad at reverse parking.


Her pre canyon ritual includes four cups of black, no sugar, no milk coffee and a toasty. Seriously, she makes michelin starred toasties. After sampling several of said toasties, we have come to the conclusion that the added middle layer of Philadelphia full fat cream cheese provides a delightful softness to the experience.


What to expect

Imagine the happiest and most hyper active person you know.

Now give that person 10 double shots of espresso.

And 2 Redbulls.

Meet Alice.

Famous Quotes

"These are your instructors for the day guys. They only do what i say.

Because i'm the boss."

"Contrary to popular belief, screaming does get captured by the camera."

A little bit about

Alice is one of our photographers that accompanies us on the mountain.

She grew up on an island. She speaks goat. And dog.

She will stay beside you all day long happily chatting about everything, while at

the same time arranging a get together for the evening. She will then take a group picture. While doing full splits. She still thinks that is perfectly normal.

Non stop talking and fun, she will get to know everything about everyone.

And hugs after the trip are mandatory according to her.

Beers only if you can keep up.


What to expect

Knowledge about canyoning

A chilled out attitude with a bit of funny moments in the mix.

Monster Calves. Seriously, they are huge.

Ask him about any jumps or slides or basically anything and he will teach you how to do it. Yup, that does include flipping.

Famous Quotes

"Maybe i shouldn't have gone off roading in the van"

"Surfing upright, down a waterslide, is never a good idea."

"I'm pretty sure the rope is long enough"

A little bit about

He has been known to stare at a rope. For quite a long time. And then proclaim that the Swiss have got it wrong.

Apart from his technical and teaching experience, he has a remarkable fondness for cleaning forest paths prior to the start of the season. Put a pair of clippers in his hand and the forest agency has to intervene.

Calm and confident has been used in the past to describe him during canyoning. He dislikes it. We never fail to bring it up whenever possible.


What to expect

An uncanny ability for avoiding water.

Seriously, he would rather climb anywhere without ropes to 

remain dry. Especially awesome when it's raining.

Combination of climbing and tree cover.

Famous Quotes

"Hey bud, could you slowly pass me a rope. I seem to be in a bit of a pickle."

"Climbing up here without ropes is not a good idea unless your last name is Honnold"

A little bit about

Nathan is our resident english instructor in Greece. He spends most of his time trying to explain the definition and applications of the phrase "Being on-time" to Greek people. When off season he can be found waiting in the car on-time to go skiing, scuba diving, gymnastics training or dancing.


Known for his dry humour and awesome pep talks that usually go along the lines of "Skiing down this slope will probably result in an excruciatingly violent ending". 


He loves blasting the music in the van to the mountain and singing to it. Badly.

Also has been described as "Calm and confident" to which his usual response is "It's because i really have no idea what i'm doing". 

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